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My daughter is a girl…

Yesterday I had a doctor appointment and brought Charley with me.  I got her all cuted up in a little dress, leggings, sweater, and even a cute hair clip…because sister has enough hair now.

It’s a little sad how excited I get dressing her…but not as sad as what I end up wearing…a white tank top that I slept in, pair of jeans, and a striped shirt from American Eagle…which shows how old it is because I quit shopping there when I realized I was too grown-up for low rise jeans and booty shorts.  My hair…not even brushed…pulled back in a pony tail.  I think I put so much energy into dressing Charley that I’m done once I get to myself.  I’m such a mom now.

So I stroll Charley into the building and immediately the older women at the front desk start oohing and aahing over her.

“She’s soooo cute…she looks like a doll.”

Never gets old.

Somehow on our way up to the third floor she lost her hair clip.

And instantly became a boy.

So when I walked into my doctor’s office this is what I was greeted with…

“Well hey, buddy…look at the little guy.”

Come on people…she’s wearing a dress…and purple leggings for crying out loud.

I just grinned and went with it…however once we got home and Charley woke up from her nap I dolled her up even more and took her outside for some Fall pictures.

No mistaken she’s a girl.

Hard to believe she’s 7 months old…and mobile!  I’ve got more to say about her…about her little personality and what not…but she’s about a foot away from a dog bone, and I’d rather not have a repeat of last week when I found it in her mouth.

Happy weekend!





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I’m a little sad that I’m not entering a photo of my little one…but how could I pass up this photo?

Check out more little faces!

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Last Thursday was amazing.

One of my ‘golden friends’ gave birth to her first baby…Silas…and I was right there.

Kali and I have known each other since kindergarten…we were both Winnie the Poohs.  I was the really tall, shy blonde girl…while Kali was the exact opposite.  Petite, talkative…and hair I could only dream of having.

When she asked me to photograph Silas’s arrival…excited was an understatement.  I have always been intrigued, and…well…borderline obsessed with childbirth.  I was the kid that would pretend I was pregnant…stuffing babies/stuffed animals up my shirt and delivering them in the linen closet, and if I didn’t have to take all those left-brained courses in college I’d probably have ended up a nurse/midwife or OB.

But…God had other plans, and I feel so blessed to capture these precious first moments on camera.

Of course afterwards I immediately went home and reread Charley’s birth story over and over again…and couldn’t believe that she’d ever been that itty bitty.  It sounds so cliche’ to say, “time flies”..but…time really does fly.  I feel like I blinked and Charley became less like a baby and more like a little toddler in training…army crawling, pulling up on things, feeding herself…

And of course seeing little Silas born made me want another baby.  I knew it would happen eventually…and let’s be honest, I was ready to be pregnant again two weeks after Charley was born, but I figured it was the hormones talking.  However…I am a happy little breastfeeding mama…and I am quite comfortable with the groove Charley and I have fallen into.  One thing I have learned is God’s (I just wrote that as Dog’s…haha) timing is perfect…and whenever we are blessed with another baby will be the right time.  Just like Charley was.

Life sure is good.  🙂

Photo by new photographer friend, Michelle. 🙂





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There is no sweeter shade of pink than that of a baby fresh out of the oven.  And although sweet Silas won’t be wearing much pink…I know his mama will forever treasure this picture…and the look of sweet wonder her son showed just minutes after being born.  This is why I love what I do.

Check out more pink!

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It’s time to get real…

Before Charley came along…and I day-dreamed about being pregnant and having a baby…I thought breastfeeding was the only way I was EVER going to feed my baby.  I looked at formula as the ‘bad alternative’…something I would never even consider.  And when Charley was born and took to my boob like a pro I knew I had it made.  Easy breezy…

Well something being a mama has taught me is to never say never…know that things change…situations occur…and it’s okay to veer from your ‘plan’.  After all…Charley’s birth wasn’t exactly how I invisioned it would be, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The experts tell you that all the potential breastfeeding problems will happen at the beginning.  Latching issues, engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis, low supply…if you get past the first month or so it should be smooth sailing.  Apparently I like to be different.  My problems started at 4 months.

I began getting frequent plugged milk ducts…and not just one.  Dozens.  Once or  twice a week 3/4ths of my breast would become rock hard…engorged with trapped milk.  I did just about everything you can think of.  I applied heat…massage…ice packs…I dangle fed Charley (use your imagination)…I even steralized a needle (and got in trouble by my OB).  Breastfeeding began to feel like a chore…and even though I would unclog…I knew it was only a matter of time before it clogged again.  After a couple months it began to take its toll on me…and I had visions of formula dancing in my head.  I didn’t want to give up on breastfeeding completely, but I felt like my body was trying to tell me something.  It needed a break.

So I purchased some formula.

And I gave some to Charley.

And she could have cared less.

Formula wasn’t so big and bad after all…but after a few days something didn’t sit well with me.  The undeniable bond that nursing your baby gives you was was so overwhelming it almost hurt.  It was like I was a new mama again…I felt the exact way I felt the first time Charley rooted around for food after being placed on my belly.

And with that…we’re back on the boob train…exclusively (other than solid food).

This is not a “every mama better breastfeed for two years or they’ll be a terrible parent” post…this is a post about finding your way…learning about what it means to be the best that you can be…balancing what’s best for you and what’s best for your baby.

You can tell I haven't blogged in awhile...sister now has two teeth!

For me, I’ve re-fallen in love with breastfeeding…and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.  I’m hooked…mesmerized by the trance I fall into when Charley nurses.  Breathe…suck…swallow…breathe…suck…swallow…look up at mama and grin…breathe…suck…swallow.  It’s the ultimate bond…a bond I took for granted…that I almost gave up on.

Nursing for the cure...I nursed Charley while walking the Race for the Cure...truly liberating.

That’s my bestfeeding…nursing my little heart out.  Clogged ducts…I’ll take em’ any day of week and keep on fighting like I have been…I’m that kind of mama.

Ahhh…it’s good to be back.

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