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I am in one heck of a blogging slump.

And it’s not from lack of entertainment from this girl…

I’m not gonna lie.  I look forward to when Charley goes to bed.  God I love this girl, but she wears me out…constantly moving and always doing ‘jobs’.  She takes baskets from her room, dumps them out, puts dvds in them, carries the basket around to my bedroom, dumps those dvds on the floor, goes into our closet, grabs a shoe, drops it in the bathtub…you get the idea.  When she’s awake she’s on the move…and man is she entertaining.  I have so much fun watching her in her own little world, and it’s not until bedtime rolls around that I realize how exhausted I am.

Not to mention I am in full blown party planning mode.  People…I believe this is one of the reasons I was blessed with having a kid…to plan parties.  Our house smells like a hot glue gun and pretty soon spray paint will be added to the mixture. Invitations are mailed…March 17th.  Mark it down.  It’s gonna be big.

On another note…this mama has an iPhone now!

I follow Kelle Hampton’s blog, and she does something called ‘Friday phone dump’ every Friday using instagram.  I’m in love with it, and it’s probably the main reason I got an iPhone…that and the awesome phone case I ordered on Etsy yesterday.

Anyway…so here it is…my very first phone dump.

Am I obviously copying Kelle Hampton?  Yes.  Will I continue to do this every week?  Absolutely.

And just for fun…see what was going on a year ago.


And with that…g’night folks!


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Real quick…

Tonight our little family had a moment.

A moment I wish I could have had recorded/photographed/bottled…you name it.  I want to relive it over and over again.

Earlier tonight I brought Charley up to the loft so she could get some energy out before bed.  Within a few minutes Andy came up and sat in front of me on the floor.  I put my legs up against his shoulders and we just watched.  Watched our little girl…our little girl…carry a basket around from her bedroom to the loft.  After a few minutes she came over to us…climbed onto Andy’s lap…and we had our first true group family hug.  We sat like that for 5 minutes…which is a feat in itself…Charley doesn’t sit anywhere for 5 minutes unless she’s sleeping or eating.  She would point at Andy, and we’d say, “Daddy”…then point at me, and we’d say “Mommy”…then back to Andy…back to me…and more hugging.  Then just like that she was on her way.

Andy:  “That moment we just had…that was probably the happiest I’ve been in my life.”


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Monday randoms…

Well…it happened.

Winter is back.  Hmph.

And it’s not even the fun kind of Winter.  It’s cloudy, cold, and downright depressing.  If Eeyore was a weatherman this would be one of his days.  I want Spring back.  Double hmph.

But like true Carolina weather…what’s here one day definitely won’t be the next day.  Forecast tomorrow:  60 degrees and sunny.


A few randoms for you…

*After living in this house for almost 4 years we are finally using the loft and the front room.  Speaking of the front room…


after! *I just did a double take. Look at the cat in both pictures. *

That chair…$50 at the Habitat ReStore.  A slip cover does a chair good.

And the curtains..I sewed those bad boys myself.

Which brings me to the loft.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to sew with Charley…being the power walker that she is.  I couldn’t sew while she was napping because the loft is right next to her room.  I finally just brought her upstairs, shut all the doors except her bedroom, locked the gate…and let her loose.

She stretched her legs and literally ran from her room to the loft.

*Bed head is a force to be reckoned with.

*Neighborhood strolls have resumed…and it feels so good.

Sister…you’ve come a long way.  I used to be the mama you’d see pushing a stroller while carrying her baby in her arms down the street.  Not anymore.

*And neighborhood strolls lead to impromptu patio readings…

*Party planning is on full blast…and I’ve been waiting for the mail like a kid on Christmas for party supplies.

Santa delivered.

March 17th can’t get here fast enough.

*My new favorite thing that Charley does is clapping her hands on demand.  She could be crying, and all I have to say is “clap your hands” and she stops and claps those little hands.  I probably asked her to this at least 10 times today…it never get’s old.

I might need therapy.

Gotta run.

I’ve got four ‘words with friends’ games calling me.

Peace out.

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Mean mutha tooth…

We’ve got a teething little girl over here…

and we’re having a blast.

Can you smell the sarcasm?

Seriously, though…sister is one miserable little baby.  It’s a challenge trying to figure out what is wrong with such a little person who can’t communicate what is bothering her.  We all know Charley can be a little diva…and nap times are when that side of her shines brightly.  However…in the last couple days my mama gut has been telling me something else was bugging her.  We’ve been pretty fortunate on the teething front up until now.  Even her first top tooth cut through no problem…but it’s evil twin…that thing is one mean mutha.  It’s pitiful to see your baby so uncomfortable…but at the same time it’s a rewarding feeling after you make her feel better.

Yesterday I put Charley down for her nap…and within 5 minutes she was crying.  After probably another 5 minutes I went upstairs and checked her and was blasted with the smell of poo.  Fabulous.  So now she’s clean…and because I’m a breastfeedingaholic I nursed her for a second time.  Let’s try this again.  After some more screaming, consoling, rocking…and more screaming…I decided sister was in pain.  I fumbled through the medicine cabinet, got the proper dosage, and turned into nurse Martha Cate.  Charley welcomed the medicine…something she did NOT get from her mama…and within minutes she was out.  It felt good…like I earned another mama badge.

It’s February…and as I’m typing this I can hear the birds outside chirping away.  Like every year around this time I’m ready for Spring…and mother nature hasn’t been helping one bit.  It’s been gorgeous here…mid 60s and sunny.  It’s as if Winter is toying with me…daring me to put my guard down and let Spring in…only to blast me with cold temperatures and say, “HAH!  Told you I’d be back!”.  Happens every. single. year.

Who cares, though?  I’m a live-in-the-moment kind of girl, so if I want to dress Charley in short sleeves in January then so be it.  Speaking of dressing Charley.  Now that sister is a walking machine…picking out clothes for her is my new favorite thing to do every day.  I think all those years of growing up not playing with dolls is catching up with me…

On that note…I’m gonna go turn the A/C on, brush my hair, and get this beautiful day started.

Happy February!

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