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I think I’ve got a problem.

I’m obsessed with dressing my daughter.

It’s so ironic because I was such a tomboy growing up.  I would have rather ran around naked to be honest.

But here I am…with 3 windows open on various websites looking at skirts to put on Charley.

And I’m all about scoring deals.  In the past 3 days I’ve spent around $60 and got around 40 items of clothing for Charley…most of it for the Fall/Winter.  At Goodwill on Saturday I snagged 12 items for $1.20…for ALL OF THEM.

Only a tiny portion of my stash...

Lord help me.

I get that bubbly feeling in my gut thinking about it…it’s like I’m nesting all over again…except this time it’s all focused on dressing Charley.

It doesn’t help that I can now put her hair in piggy tails…because we all know that everything looks cuter with these.

Charley’s wardrobe is a combination of new, consignment, and old clothes that my sister and I used to wear.

Like these overalls…


See…this is what I’m talking about.  I can’t even blog b/c I’m too distracted with clothing.  And I’m swamped with designs…I need to edit photos.  I’ve gotta go.

Peace out.


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No time…

Geez…I give myself one day a week…one day to blog…and here it is Sunday night, and I’m running out of time.  It’s 9:00 right now, and my eyes are heavy.

So my Sunday post is going to turn into a Monday or Tuesday post.  This mama’s going to bed.


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I don’t even know where to begin.

*I just looked at Charley’s birth story…and saw the first line

“Where do I even begin…”

Seems appropriate I’d start out her birthday post in such a similar way.

The truth is I don’t know where to begin.

I’ve got so many emotions going on right now.

I’m happy…elated…our baby girl will turn one tomorrow.  One year.  It’s hard to remember Charley not being in our lives…it feels like she’s been here the whole time.  So in a way it feels like a lifetime ago that she was born…and yet I can still smell her sweet newborn skin.  I can remember what it felt like to push her out into the world…hearing her cry for the first time…I can feel her sweet skin against mine.

And then my emotions turn to sadness.

I’m sad that she’s growing up.  She’s becoming a little lady instead of my baby girl…and I want to grab hold of her tight and make her stop.

But as she gets bigger my love grows right there with her…and I am proud.  We are proud.

Charley’s party was yesterday…our house filled to the brim with family and friends.

I’ve been planning this thing for months…ordering decorations online…making trips to Hobby Lobby and Michaels…spray painting…glueing…prepping for the big day.

And like true Martha Cate fashion I was running around like a mad woman yesterday morning leading up to the party trying to get everything ready…yelling out, “somebody remind me to get dressed!”.

But it all came together…

cupcakes and cake pops by Cupcrazed in Fort Mill

Can you guess the theme?

It might be a little sad just how much fun I had planning this thing.  All the details…the activities for kids to do…which lets face it…at a one year old’s birthday party I basically planned to entertain my friends’ kids…and I’m okay with it…

because my friends’ kids had a blast.

All the kids got their own caterpillar antennas.

My favorite decoration…her photo banner.  Pictures from before she was even out of the oven all the way until a few weeks ago.  Sister growing up before our eyes.

We ate delicious pulled pork sandwiches (thanks, Dad!)…watched our kids play together…then watched Charley devour some cake.

And sister knows what a cupcake is…she’s watched her mama for a year now.

I love this...the caterpillar looks terrified...as he should be. She devoured this.

I have to send a HUGE thank you to my sister.  Once Charley got her cupcake she took over as photographer…and did an AMAZING job.  Seriously…I can’t even tell a difference.  You may have missed your calling, Jessica.

I’m so pleased with how the party turned out.  It wasn’t over the top, but we sure showed our little girl how special she is.

And she knew it too.

Sister put on a show while opening her presents.

I didn't take this...or the next two. My sister rocks.

New Tom's...thanks, Colleen!

And she felt the love.

Just don’t mess with her cupcake.

It was a one for the records.  At the end of the day, Andy and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, gave each other high fives and sank into the couch.  Job well done indeed.

At this time one year ago (it’s 9:29 right now) I was in active labor up in our bedroom…breathing through each contraction.  In two hours we would be heading to the hospital.  I miss that.

What a wonderful year it’s been.  We are so incredibly blessed…I can’t wait to see what her 2nd year has in store for us.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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I’ve got two very different emotions going on right now.

One…it’s totally Spring outside.

Charley's tree


And two…we’ve totally got a toddler on our hands.

What does that mean for my emotions?

Well I’m giddy to the point that I want to do cartwheels in a field of wildflowers under a canopy of cherry blossoms because Spring is here.  It’s my favorite season and will forever hold a special place in my heart ever since Charley made her arrival last year.  I looked for signs of Spring like a scavenger hunt…and seeing them this year makes the memories of those last weeks of pregnancy flood back.

Which brings me to my next emotion…

Dude.  Charley is a toddler.

With a mind of her own.

And sister loves shoes…like, seriously loves them.  Every day…multiple times…she will go grab a shoe, give it to me…and then wait for me to put it on her.  Most of the time it’s one of her purple rain boots that’s a size too big.

So she walks around in it…just one, mind you…trips and falls…which prompts her to bring it back to me…and starts the cycle again.  Her red boots are a close second, and every now and then she’ll score and bring me both.

pajamas and boots...go get em', girl.

The other morning I was sitting on the floor, fiddling with the computer and felt something drop in my lap.  It was a red boot…and there Charley was…standing beside me…smiling.  Sister was proud.


So what do I do with both of this emotions…

Take my toddler baby girl outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!

Charley is definitely my daughter.  She LOVES being outside.  She explores, plays in her new sand/water table (thanks grandparents!), and soaks up the sun.

I freakin love this kid.

In less than a week our house will be overflowed (maybe literally) with party guests.  Andy’s already asked me to make him a list of things he needs to do on Friday to get ready…and I’m scrambling trying to get everything together.  Excited?

You betcha.

In a little over a week I will have a one year old.

God help my emotions…




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Sometimes the sweetest moments are captured by the only camera you have nearby.  In this case it was my iPhone.  Love me some baby cheeks.  🙂


Photo Challenge Submission

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Weekly update…

I’ve decided to be a once a week blogger.  Despite being a free spirit, my life needs a little structure every once and awhile.  I love blogging…and wish I could every day…but it’s just not in the cards for this mama.  Spring is fast approaching which means landscape designs are popping up like flowers…which means I’ll be glued to my drafting table.  Sunday seems like a good day to unwind and blog about the past week’s happenings.

So without further adieu…

Started off the week with a nice bruise on her cheek. I have no idea what happened...I just heard the loud thud.

It’s March…Charley’s birth month.  If I had to describe this month in one word it would be…reflective.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think, “this time last year…”.  I can’t believe Charley will be a year old in two weeks.  I watch her do her thing…running around the house, leaving a path of destruction wherever she goes, and I think…this time last year I didn’t even know her face.  All I knew was she liked to stick her butt up underneath my ribcage and camp out like that until I had to literally push her down.

And now look at her.  She’s got her own little friends.

It’s so funny.  When it’s just us Charley never shuts up.  She’s constantly making noise…singing…talking.  She’s a little chatterbox.  But once new people come over she becomes this shy little bit of a thing…and I hear people describe her as ‘chill’ or ‘mellow’.  I just laugh.  If only you knew…

Sister still has her little diva ways.  Her new thing is when she whines she makes this moaning noise that starts out low and ends up close to the level that only dogs can hear.

Andy and I try not to laugh.

We usually fail.

I’ve been on pinterest for awhile now, and I see all of these monthly baby photos and I want to kick myself for not doing them.  I’ve got this one picture of Charley that my mom took when she was a week old.  I’m standing in front of the window with her asleep on my chest.  Every now and then when I’m nursing Charley before her nap she’ll fall asleep, and as I’m walking from our bedroom to hers I stop in the mirror and look…if only I could have this as a picture.

Well yesterday I scored…

I’ve probably looked at this 50 times since I edited it.  So many different emotions.  It’s beautiful…bittersweet.

My baby girl isn’t looking as much like a baby anymore…but more like a toddler.  And the bigger she gets the tighter I hold her.

I’m proud.

I’m in love.

I’m a mama.

Have a great week!

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