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Yep…the lack of picture taking, blogging, and really being productive in general is all because of the little bit of a baby comfy in my belly…causing almost constant nausea and the need for a nap every single day.


I will forever remember that night four weeks ago when I took a pregnancy test at 1am…how I saw the faintest faint line…and then laid awake for nearly 2 hours.  Then I heard Charley, and went to nurse her…and seeing her…knowing that she was gonna be a big sister…I will never forget that feeling.  

So here we are…a family of 3…baking a 4th.  

And these announcement photos…Charley was so cooperative.


Due date February 2nd, 2013…watch out world…it’s about to get crazy.  🙂



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Ho hum…

Wow…pretty sure I am the definition of a blogger in a serious slump.  I just haven’t felt it…and I’m not one to force something that isn’t there.

I’m still not feeling it.

But seeing the date on my last post has lit some ridiculous blog fire under my butt…and now I feel compelled to post at least something.

And now…two days after starting this blog post…I still have NOTHING to post about.

Actually…I do have something to blog about…but that will have to wait for another day.

So for now…this filler post will have to do.  🙂

Stay tuned.


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