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It’s a…





Yep…it’s another girl!  I’m 16 weeks, and while that is on the early side, this little bit was not shy at all about showing off her own lady bits.  She flipped around, spread her legs, and let the world know that she was a she.

We used the same ultrasound clinic we used with Charley…and just like last time I feel like I’m cheating on my OB office.  I remember with Charley, Andy and I pretended we were surprised at our anatomy scan.  We’re cool like that.

I’m beyond thrilled knowing Charley will have a sister close in age.  I know there will be fights, but there is nothing like the bonds that sisters hold.

This is gonna be fun.  🙂


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I just wrote on Facebook today that I needed to blog.

Well this is certainly not what I wanted to blog about, but I believe in the power of prayer and that miracles happen.

I have a friend’s son who is Charley’s age who is fighting for his life right now.

This is a friend who I have never personally met…but I know her.  I know all about her and her beautiful son, Cayden…who happens to have a crush on Charley.

You see, we are a part of a tight knit group of women on Facebook who all have babies born in March 2011.  We tell each other things we wouldn’t dare post on regular Facebook…things we wouldn’t even tell our closest friends or husbands (because let’s face it…sometimes it’s about them).

No…we may not have met in person…but we are dear friends.

And friends…Cayden and Sarah need your prayers right now.


He has spent most of his life in the hospital…and his mama, Sarah…she is beyond wonderful…takes all the blows that happen and keeps on chugging.  I seriously don’t know how she does it.

Please take a moment and pray for strength and peace.  Pray that the doctors do the best job that they can, and pray that all Cayden feels is love…and that he keeps on fighting…because we need this kid in our lives.

Miracles can happen.

Let’s do this.

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I originally had posted a different picture…but this little guy kept staring at me.

So I deleted my post and started over.   🙂

Check out more pet faces at iheartfaces.com

Photo Challenge Submission

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