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It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I learned what the term ‘basic’ meant. I mean besides it meaning simple.

Well apparently it means so much more and involves Starbucks, Ugg boots, and pumpkin everything. Oh and you need to be a white girl.

So yesterday I embraced my hidden basicness and did Fall things.

To start off we went to Krispy Kreme and ordered the most basic thing I could find…the pumpkin cheesecake donut.


Yes, it was as disgusting as it sounds and looks.

Then I packed up the girls and we hit the coolest pumpkin stand I’ve ever seen. They had more types of pumpkins than I even know existed…and the girls were in ‘punkin’ heaven.




So all this pumpkin talk got me thinking…

How many Wildtree pumpkin recipes can I find?

It wasn’t hard.





That last one…that’s pumpkin lasagna…and I need it.

My dad always cooks his own pumpkin for pies (it’s the only way to go by the way…I am completely anti-canned pumpkin). When I visit next week he’s sending some back with me. Things will be made. Pumpkin things.

And here’s a picture of bump watch #3 compared to #2:


I think I’ll paint a pumpkin on it for Halloween. 😉


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Long time, no blog…

Oh Hi.

What’s it been…like 22 months? I know this because that’s how old Avery is and the last post was her birth story.

I had stopped blogging because life simply got in the way. Big things have happened. Obviously going from 1-2 kids was a huge adjustment…and now in April we’ll be going from 2-3. Wow.

Then there’s nursing school. I’m kind of weird in that I fly by the seat of my pants with certain things, but with others I have a very specific plan…one of those specific plans was nursing school. I had it engrained in me that I was going to attend Mercy School of Nursing’s evening program (no childcare), then do the bridge program at Frontier School of Midwifery. It was perfect.

And then the school decided to close.

So the last month my mind has been scrambling and racing trying to figure out what I was going to do. While I hate that Mercy is closing (many people will be out of a job), it was sort of meant to happen considering I would have been having a baby in the middle of my first semester. Now that Mercy is off the table there are WAY TO MANY options. ASN…BSN…accelerated…pre-nursing. I’m going crazy over here. I’ve finally decided. I’m going for the BSN. It will be INSANE…and I’m almost positive once I start you probably won’t hear from me on here unless it’s a meme of something like this:


But something about blogging is like therapy to me…and with everything going through my head it needed to be done…like yesterday.


So if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know I have been a distributor for It Works for the past almost year. The company has done amazing things for me. I was able to start taking my prerequisites for nursing school because of the money I was making. The products have helped my family members and friends tremendously. But I’ve found myself drifting and thinking a lot. It’s bothered me for awhile that I’m promoting a product that in a way, goes against body love. I don’t want people (especially my girls later on) to think they’re not good enough the way they are and need a wrap to fix it.  But then there are people that get that boost of confidence they need from wraps, and it’s truly life changing, and that’s a beautiful thing too. It’s like my brain is playing tug-o-war with itself. Greens are freaking amazing and have pretty much cured my dad’s arthritis pain and have helped my grandmother with her back pain. These products work. I just struggle.

So fast forward to a couple weeks ago when one of my preschool mom friends hands me her business card for Wildtree foods. I immediately know it’s a direct sales company…it’s what I do…and I feel bad because I pretty much blow her off in my mind (sorry, Cara). I think, “I’m with It Works. Thanks, but no thanks”.

But then I get on her website and see it’s not only food…but ORGANIC and AFFORDABLE food. I’m now intrigued, and I’ll probably buy something because it’s food, and I like Cara. So I meet with her this past week, and she tells me about a freezer workshop where you can make 10 meals for $3 a serving. I’m sorry, what? I was literally just talking to my mom about how I planned on doing this to prep for the new baby and going back to school. I NEEDED that. After researching some more and realizing the discount I would get if I signed up as a representative it was a no brainer. Not to mention this was staring at me the whole time:



And I’m pregnant.

So I was drooling.


So if you’re friends with me on Facebook…and you see me posting about this…it’s not because I’ve abandoned It Works.  It’s because I love feeding my family healthy meals and love the convenience of going from freezer to oven/crockpot.

After all the crazy bumps (and quite literally, as I actually have a bump now) life has thrown at me…I’ve realized that you don’t need to put all your eggs in one basket.  It’s okay to have two baskets and love them both and nurture them both.

So continue to drink your greens.  Use those wraps to tackle the excess skin…but know that you’re beautiful even with saggy skin.

But also enjoy looking at pictures of delicious food.



You’ll probably be seeing more of me.  😉

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