Catching up

I’m not sure if I will ever be able to keep up with this blog as well as I’d like…especially right now.  Between photography, landscape design, morning sickness, and running after Charley…I have ZERO time to blog.

Nevertheless, things have been happening.

Last week was spent at the beach with the whole Marsh family.  I don’t think words can describe the characters that were on this trip…living in the same insane house…for a whole week.

It was near perfect…even Andy, who notoriously gets bored on vacation, has been saying for days, “I wish I was at the beach”.  Everybody had a blast.

The whole reason for this trip…Moremama’s 80th birthday.

Family totally rocks.

And because adjusting to life away from the beach wasn’t hard enough…Charley decided to throw in a case of roseola to spice things up.  She woke up from her Sunday nap burning hot…seriously I’ve never felt a person that hot before.  I took her temperature with the temporal thermometer we have, and it said normal.  My mom is a human thermometer, and I was beginning to think she didn’t pass it on to me.  But Charley was so not herself…clingy, fussy…I knew something was up.  That night she slept awful, and it just happened that her 15 month well visit was the next morning. I ended up bringing our thermometer just to compare.  Lo and behold her actual temp was 100.5…mine said 97.8…and that was with tylenol.  Nice.  After her appointment I ran to the drugstore and picked up a new one…got home and found out sister’s temp was now 102.5.

I feel pretty blessed that Charley went 15 months without having a major sickness.  She’s had a few colds, but nothing like this.  And honestly, I don’t think I realized how sick Charley was until after the fact.  I’m convinced her fever was higher on Sunday just going by how hot she felt.

Still I kinda feel like Andy and I were oblivious.  We gave her motrin and tylenol, but other than that we just let her be clingy with us me.  I always wondered what I would do when Charley eventually got sick.  Well…it happened, and Andy and I conquered.  High five.

And finally today she woke up fever free…but she added a rash to seal the roseola deal.

It’s funny…having a sick kid makes you forget how sick you feel.

So there you have it…our last two weeks in review.  I’ll be 10 weeks with Baby Spencer #2 on Saturday…and even though I’m still nauseous…I can see the light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel.  Thank the Lord.

Well…it’s 9:35…and like clockwork I’m ready for bed.  Got a wedding to shoot tomorrow and then a sweet little newborn session Sunday morning.  Very blessed to be so busy.



It’s been awhile since I’ve submitted a photo for I heart faces, but I just couldn’t pass this one up.  Last week was amazing…our entire family…aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters…all in one insanely huge beach house.  One afternoon my two cousins decided to have a dance party on the balcony…and my daughter had to partake.  I love the movement and pure joy in this photo.

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Photo Challenge Submission


Yep…the lack of picture taking, blogging, and really being productive in general is all because of the little bit of a baby comfy in my belly…causing almost constant nausea and the need for a nap every single day.


I will forever remember that night four weeks ago when I took a pregnancy test at 1am…how I saw the faintest faint line…and then laid awake for nearly 2 hours.  Then I heard Charley, and went to nurse her…and seeing her…knowing that she was gonna be a big sister…I will never forget that feeling.  

So here we are…a family of 3…baking a 4th.  

And these announcement photos…Charley was so cooperative.


Due date February 2nd, 2013…watch out world…it’s about to get crazy.  🙂


Ho hum…

Wow…pretty sure I am the definition of a blogger in a serious slump.  I just haven’t felt it…and I’m not one to force something that isn’t there.

I’m still not feeling it.

But seeing the date on my last post has lit some ridiculous blog fire under my butt…and now I feel compelled to post at least something.

And now…two days after starting this blog post…I still have NOTHING to post about.

Actually…I do have something to blog about…but that will have to wait for another day.

So for now…this filler post will have to do.  🙂

Stay tuned.


Hello, baby…

Growing up…I never really liked kids. Before I had Charley…and I openly admit this…I felt that once a toddler became a kid they started to become more annoying than cute.

Wow…that sounds harsh.

Let me start over. I was never the nurturing type.  I never really enjoyed babysitting…unless it was an actual baby.  Visiting my mom’s preschool classroom was the definition of uncomfortable to me.  And dolls…never played with them.

So it’s somewhat of a shock to people when they see me with Charley.  All the motherly instincts I thought I would never have came pouring out the moment I saw those two pink lines.

And these instincts have been rubbing off on Charley…

She has become extremely attached to her bitty baby…a present she got for Christmas and wanted nothing to do with. Now she takes her everywhere…

…even eats with her sometimes.

I have no clue where this has come from…I was so not a girly girl.  It figures that God would give me a sassy little thang. Watching her interact with her baby melts my heart…which is probably me already living vicariously through my child.

She grabs her doll every time she wakes up…brings her in the car, and at any stop we make, that baby is the first thing she grabs.

See that dirt under her nose? She face planted in the dirt…didn’t even cry. She’s a warrior…a girly warrior who loves her baby doll.

Such a little mama.

I’m gonna completely switch gears here…

While pregnant with Charley I frequented the website babycenter.com.  I joined the March 2011 group…which is comprised of over 13,000 members.  Through a series of events I found my way to their Facebook page…which then spawned off another (and way cooler) group made up of roughly 20 people.

And now I find myself calling these women my friends.  I chat with them every day…we support each other when we have rough days…encourage each other…make each another laugh.  It’s a beautiful thing.

One of these women happens to live in East TN.  So out of over 13,000 women…I find the one that lives where I grew up.  We have similar parenting styles and…both have a love of consignment clothing.  So what does a self-confessed consignment-aholic do?…snag deals for my new friend and meet up in TN to bring them to her.

So this past weekend I met Jennifer and her beautiful daughter Maci…although I feel like I already know them. The weather was crappy…but we found a church pavilion for the girls to run around under.  Consider this your warning…cuteness overload ahead.

I can already tell a lesson on sharing…even bitty baby…is in the near future.

I think the internet has pros and cons…but this right here is definitely one of the pros.  Without the internet I never would have met all these wonderful women…and never would have physically met Jennifer and Maci.  Many more play dates are in the future…not to mention I already found more clothes for her to buy.

It’s amazing…watching Charley grow and develop.  She’s on the verge of a verbal explosion, and before we know it…we’ll be having conversations with her.  Her little personality is still as spunky as ever…she’s got the same temper she did at 2 months old…but seeing her with her baby doll is heart warming.  I know that whenever we have another baby, Charley will be an awesome big sister.

Of course we’ll teach her the right way to hold a baby when that time comes.

It’s Mid May already…Charley is almost 14 months old.  Good Lord time is flying.

But flying has never been so fun.


Last year when we went to the beach Charley was barely able to sit up.  It was fun…but somewhat of a hassle…lugging all her ‘stuff’…having to hold her constantly.

Those days are gone…

Charley’s first time walking on the beach.  Dear Lord…words can’t describe it.

I have never seen someone act so happy and free.  Sister ran down the beach with wild abandonment, and when we turned around against the blowing wind…she was determined to walk herself.  She puffed out her little belly and walked the entire way…falling every few steps because she was so tired…but still squealing with excitement.  Her reaction was just how I’d imagined it would be.

My little beach baby girl.

Yeah that’s sunscreen she’s playing with. She hated getting it sprayed on her, but it became her favorite toy once I was finished.

Not to mention she’s become a little social butterfly.  She sat in my mom’s beach chair (actually I was sitting in it, but lil’ bit came and pushed my arm for me to get up, then pointed to her bucket for me to give it to her)…she sat there and waved as people walked by.

She even met a little friend named Jacob.

It’s crazy.  Last year I wondered what it would be like to have a toddler at the beach…to watch her run in the sand…independent.

That time is now.

It was such a great trip…and somehow the sand stayed away from Charley’s mouth.

Taking a call on her shovel

I don’t think there was a time when this girl wasn’t smiling.

And she brought her busy self right down to the ocean…

It was sad leaving but good to be home…getting back into our normal routine.

And because I’ve slacked off with blogging…the past 2 weeks phone dumps.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I know I know…I’m supposed to blog every Sunday.

I’ll make up for it I promise.

In the meantime we’re just relaxing…

And enjoying life at the beach.


Expect a mega blog post in the near future.