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Baby girl is 6 months old today…time sure does fly…and I’m lovin’ her more every day.


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Freeze frame…

Ever have one of those moments where you want to freeze it…

…bottle it up…

…drink it…

…and then do it all again?

Last week was one of those moments.  A whole week at the beach with my mom and grandparents…a week of memories that are irreplaceable. 

And we sure drank it to the last drop…

Check out the massive school of fish in the wave...yeah, we saw a shark soon after.

This was a trip for the books. 


But it’s good to be home.  🙂


Thanks Moremama and Grandaddy…we love you!  (and we love Lolly too!)  (and Pops!)

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The club…

There is a club among mamas.

A club where babies sleep in strollers and take pacifiers and bottles…and do so happily. 

And up until a few days ago I was an outsider.  Ooooh how I longed to be a member.  I would pass other mamas strolling their sleeping babies.  We would make eye contact, nod and smile…but on the inside the jealously was raging. 

See…I belonged to a different club.  The club where babies only want boobs.  Pacifiers?  Yeah right…and bottles?  Fu-get-about-em.  Walking around the neighborhood usually ended with me pushing an empty stroller while balancing a baby on my hip.  And I’m sure there are mamas who are jealous of my club membership.  They’re wishing their baby would like the bottle less, and they get jealous when they see us babywearers toting our little ones around like little joeys.  I should have just been thankful for what I had.

But…the competitiveness runs deep…and I want a dual membership. 


Yeah...that's my baby asleep in there.


This post has sat here for a week now…and in that weeks time my emotions have shifted from ‘nah nah nah nah nah…my baby takes a bottle and a pacifier now’ to ‘wow…I am so thankful to have a baby that has such a strong need to be near me and to nurse’.   In the past two months I have battled countless clogged milk ducts.  I’ll get rid of them only to have them come back a week later.  Frustrating is an understatement.  And I’ll admit it…I’ve even thought, “wouldn’t this just be easier if I didn’t nurse?”…but then there are moments like tonight.  Charley and I go through her bedtime routine.  We play, eat some carrots (that’s right…baby girl’s on solid food now), take a bath, read a story…and then I nurse her to sleep. 

And oh man…that’s a club membership I am so not ready to give up. 

So yes…I’m excited that Charley takes a bottle.  The paci…I’m guilty of pushing it in her mouth on long car rides just so we can make it another 30 minutes without stopping.  I love how I can now go for a long walk and have Charley snoozing away in the stroller. 

But I also love seeing how giddy Charley gets in the moby wrap when we go grocery shopping.  I love hearing her sweet voice talking in a way only she understands right now…

And I LOVE the bond that we share when she nurses. 

Welcome to the mama club.

And now for a little photo dump…

I’m embarassed with how little I’ve blogged lately.  On a scale of one to chaotic…my life is probably around an eight.  Photo sessions are piling up, landscape designs keep coming in…and Charley is so damn cute…I’m lucky if I brush my hair.  I’m working on setting aside two days a week to collect my thoughts.  My life needs some organization. 

And with that…g’night.


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